37th LDC UCM-CWA Convention

UCCP Iligan City church delegates to the 37th LDC joint UCM-CWA convention held on March 6-8, 2020 at Panaloon UCCP Church, Sapad, Lanao del Norte.

It was well attended by delegates coming from the various circuits of LDC. CWA 63 and UCM 35 totalling 98. Pastors who graced the occassion; CM Manzano, Virmelito Tubio, Sarah Fe Cabigon, Jonathan Tampus, Norma Basalo.

CWA delegates, Fellowship of the Least Coin Night

UCM Fellowship of the Biggest Coin with Sis. Amefil Arat as Speaker

CWA Iligan City Church delegates

UCM Iligan City Church delegates

/UCM/ EA Eslao

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