Biggest Coin Sunday


Preacher- Bro. Dizon B. Ducay


UCM Choir with Rev. Jessie Belza Conducting


The UCM with Rev. Sherry Tubio and Rev. Jessie Belza

Photos:  Visayan Service, 7:30 AM, June 10, 2018

Minister:  Rev. Sherry T. Tubio


    Bro. Dizon B. Ducay , 7:30 AM

    Bro.  Jessie Lagrimas, 10:00 AM

    Bro. Andrew Pancho ,  6:00 PM


    Bro. Romeo R. Gabuya ,  7:30 AM

    Bro. Rolando Monterola ,  10:00 AM

    Bro.  Eleazar A. Eslao , 6:00 PM

Accompanist:  Ms. Belen T. Kiunisala  /  Ms. Arly Joy Baculpo

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