The Bread of Life

Aug5 (4)

Aug5 (3)

Rev. Sherry T. Tubio

Aug5 (5)

The JCC Choir

Aug5 (6)

Holy Communion

Aug5 (8)

Rev. Jonathan Cal

Aug5 (7)

Chancel Choir

Aug5 (1)

Offertory Song: Bro. Sergio Gungob and Grandchild

Photos:   August 8, 2018

Visayan Service, 7:30 AM

    Minister:  Rev. Sherry T. Tubio 

    Leader:  Bro. Artemio N. Beley

    Choir:  The JCC Choir

English Service,, 10:30 AM

     Minister:  Rev. Jonathan Cal

      Leader:  Bro. Rolando Monterola

       Choir:   Chancel Choir



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