Statement of Faith

The Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines

In one God: Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer, who provide
order, purpose meaning and fulfillment to all creation;
That Jesus Christ, who has born of Mary, God become human
and is Sovereign Lord of life and history;
That in the Holy Spirit, God is present in the world,
empowering and guiding believers to understand and live out
their faith in Jesus Christ.

That person are created in the image of God and destined to
live in the community with God, with other persons and with
all creation.
That, by disobedience, they have become sinful, but, by
grace through faith, they redeemed in Jesus Christ.
That being entrusted with God’s creation, they are called
to participate in the establishment of a just and
compassionate social order.

That the Church in one body of Christ, the whole community
of persons reconciled to God through Jesus Christ and
entrusted with God’s ministry.

That the Holy Bible is a faithful and inspired witness to
God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ and in history to
illumine, guide, correct and edify believers in their faith
and witness.

God is at work, to make each person a new being in Christ,
and the whole world, God’s kingdom in which love, justice
and peace prevail.
The Kingdom of God is present where faith in Jesus Christ
is shared, where healing is given to the sick, where food
is given to the hungry, where light is given to the blind,
and where liberty is given to the captive and oppressed.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has overcome the power of
death and gives assurance of life after death. And we look
forward to His coming again in all fullness and glory to
make all creation new and to gather all the faithful under
God’s Kingdom. AMEN