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Workers in the Church Sunday


Nov182018 (5)

Rev. Tessie T. Torres

Nov182018 (1)

Preacher: Sis. Beth N. Salenio

Nov182018 (4)

Leader:: Sis. Lani A. Yamelo

Nov182018 (3)

Anthem: “Worship the King of Kings” – Workers in the Church

Nov182018 (6)

Introit: “Awitan ta ang Dios”

Photos:  Visayan Service, 7:30 AM, November 18, 2018

Minister:  Rev. Tessie T. Torres


    Sis. Beth N. Salenio – 7:30 AM

    Sis. Alice A. Ello -10:00 AM

    Sis. Rubelyn S. Lapida  6:00 PM


    Sis. Lani A. Yamelo – 7:30 AM

    Sis. Teresa B. Paclibar – 10:00 AM

    Sis. Majah Airez J. Beley – 6:00 PM


    Ms. Belen T. Kiunisala

    Mr. Mansueto M. Montecastro

    Ms. Arly Joy Baculpo

Church Worker’s Sunday

nov13 (5)

 nov13 (7) nov13 (4)

(Photo: 7:30 am)

Preacher:  Rev. Sherry T. Tubio ( 7:30 AM Service )

Leader:  Ms. Beth N. Salenio

Choir:  The JCC Choir

Accompanists:  Ms. Belen T. Kuinisala / Mr. Mansueto M. Montecastro