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Fellowship of the Biggest Coin

FBCoin March242019 (15)

Minister: Rev. Tessie D. Torres

Pastor Roger Jimenez

Preacher: Pastor Roger Jimenez (7:30 AM Service)

Rev Belza2

Preacher: Rev. Jessie Belza (10:00 AM service)

Rev Vermilito Tubio

Preacher: Rev. Vermilito Tubio (6:00 PM Service)

FBCoin March242019 (28)

The UCM Choir


Minister:   Rev. Tessie D. Torres


Pastor Roger Jimenez , 6:00 AM Service

Rev. Jessie Belza,  10:00 AM Service

Rev. Vermilito Tubio, 6:00 PM Service


Bro. Romeo Gabuya , 6:00 AM Service

Bro. Glicerio Gongub,  10:00 AM Service

Bro. Rolando Monterola,  6:00 PM Service

UCM Choir:

Ely A. Eslao , Romeo Gabuya, Rolando Monterola, Jerry Flor

Rudy Alaban , Eli Abragan, Andrew Pancho, Lito Aguhob,

Primitivo Orig,  Bert Paragoso, Nicodemus Palangan, Serge Gongub,

Jess Lagrimas, Mario Eulleran

Trainor / Conductor:

Rev. Jessie Belza

Accompanist:  Belen T. Kiunisala



UCM Poster

UCM Sun (2)

UCM Sunday Oct 28 2018 (36)

Speaker: Bro. Jessie Lagrimas , Visayan Service, 7:30 AM

UCM Sun (3)

Preacher: Rev. Edbyron Bulac, 6:00 PM Service

UCM Sunday Oct 28 2018 (46)

UCM Singers (7:30 AM Service) with Rev. Jessie Belza, Conducting

UCM Sun (4)

UCM Singers (6:00 PM Service) with Rev. Jessie Belza , Conducting


UCM President: Bro. Eleazar A. Eslao, Short Talk

(L-R) Doc Abragan-Lando Monterola-Judge Palangan-Alan Amorado-Serge Gongub-Jerry Flor-Rudy Alaban-Bert Paragoso-Ely Eslao-Lito Aguhob-Romy Gabuya-Jonathan Cal-Belen Kiunisala-Lydia Mostrales-Edbyron Bulac-Jessie Lagrimas-Jessie Belza-Andy Pancho-Danny Mostrales


Minister:   Rev. Jonathan M. Cal


   Bro. Jessie Lagrimas , 7:30 AM

   Bro.  Angelito Abragan, 10:00 AM

   Rev. Edbyron Bulac, 6:00 PM


   Bro. Romeo Gabuya, 7:30 AM

   Bro. Eleazar A. Eslao, 10:00 AM

   Bro. Glicerio Gongub, 600 PM


   Ms. Belen Kiunisala

   Ms. Arly Joy Baculpo

UCM Conductors:

   Rev. Jesie Belza

   Sis. Lydia Mostrales

INTROIT:  ” We Will Praise You, Lord ” >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_phKdqano4

ANTHEM OF INSPIRATION:  “Psalms 23” >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mcbQQEr064

OFFERTORY SONG:  ” One More Gift ” >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igLapKFXnd0

CHORAL RESPONSE:  ” In God We Trust “

MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE HERE >>>https://photos.app.goo.gl/MBHNUQCBaAzXK5cz5

Church Workers Sunday

The faithful Christian steward serves God unreservedly out of gratitude for God’s bountiful giving. The great purpose of Christian Stewardship is that God will be glorified in everything. – Paul R. Lindholm

The Prayer - Hula Praise Dance

Invocation ; The Prayer – Hula Praise Dance

Leader: Sis. Beth N. Selerio

Leader: Sis. Beth N. Selerio

ChuWorkers Sun Nov12 (11)

Minister: Rev. Sherry T. Tubio

ChuWorkers Sun Nov12 (12)

“Katilingbanong Pag-Ampo” ; Bro Constancio Perez Jr.

ChuWorkers Sun Nov12 (17)

Anthem: ” God gave me a Song to Sing” , Singing – Church Workers , Rev. Jessie Belza , Conducting

ChuWorkers Sun Nov12 (25)

Preacher: Sis. Lani A. Yamelo

ChuWorkers Sun Nov12 (18)

Accompanist: Sis. Belen T. Kiunisala

Photos:  Visayan Worship Service, 7:30 AM , November 12, 2017

Minister:  Rev. Sherry T. Tubio

Leader:  Sis. Beth N. Selenio

Preacher:  Ms. Lani A. Yamelo

Choir:  Church Workers

Conductor:  Rev. Jessie Belza

Accompanist:  Ms. Belen T. Kiunisala